Natalie Le Huenen is a multidisciplinary designer and creator majoring in Digital Futures at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. She is passionate about crafting powerful and accessible multimedia experiences for all ages. With a focus on UX & UI design, her experience ranges across AR & VR development, 3D modelling, generative design, compositing, motion graphics, and web programming.

Natalie has exhibited in OCAD University’s 2018 Digital Futures Open Show as well as in Trinity Square Video’s 2018 exhibition, “The Biography of Things”. She is currently working on developing the Connections open messaging platform at Revera Donway Seniors’ Apartments and Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital, a project that began at TAGlab in the University in Toronto.

Her latest projects include Down the Rabbit Hole VR (a VR adaptation of the popular novel and animated film Alice in Wonderland), UrbaNatur (an immersive video experience of downtown Toronto), Window House (a meditative 3D experience in a mysterious castle), and Critter Sauga (an interactive AR-enabled installation promoting conservation efforts among youth and the community).