Kanopy is a contemplative space located in the heart of Toronto.

Kanopy is securely binded by fasteners and a metal frame. With  a waterproof membrane, and acrylic finish, Kanopy provides protection against the elements, all season.

By using mirrors as the exterior material, Kanopy chooses to be hidden, extending the nature around it.

Kanopy provides the need for full seasonal accessibility to Grange Park, with a custom sundial placed on the top. Visitors are able to track the sun throughout the day, transforming the dome’s interior.

Kanopy’s garden allows communication with the user by changing the colour of the LEDs to indicate they are thirsty. The LEDs will turn red.  The visitor will be able to water the plants by stepping onto the glass pond. The sensors will turn the LEDs green sustaining the life of the garden.

Kanopy saw opportunities to interact with the community creating a unique contemplative space to protect and share the beauty of Toronto.