Down the Rabbit Hole VR


Down the Rabbit Hole is an immersive, experiential VR piece inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The VR experience allows the viewer to explore objects of childhood through touch and grab interactions while floating in a mysterious tunnel. The deeper you are in the tunnel, the younger you become. Our team felt that simulating Alice’s falling journey would be an interesting use for VR, and could pose as a unique symbol and mechanic for evoking nostalgia.

Something slips your eye. Was it a rabbit? Curiosity peaks and you follow… but you ended up slipping and fell through a hole.

It’s dark… no wait, it’s getting brighter.
You find yourself no longer falling, but floating down slowly. Teapots, teacups, jars, chess pieces, bookshelves and books float above and below.

You reach out for them in awe as they dance playfully around you. Your eyes light up like a child’s once again. Familiar objects glimmer in the distance. Transported to a place of mystery and magic…

You can’t help but wonder if it’s all part of your imagination.