Press Any Key


Natalie Le Huenen · C# Development, Camera Effects, 3D Modelling

Matthew Bradley · C# Development, Game Logic, Materials, Assembly

Jonathan Cheng · Art Direction, UI, Sound Effects

Lorijoy Della Payocyoc · Art Direction, Background Tracks, Materials

Our concept for a game engine subversion was to use Unity to create a virtual and animated keyboard. Instead of using Unity to create your typical gameplay, we focused on creating a sandbox experience that largely revolves around playing music with your keyboard and mouse.

There were many obstacles that we needed to overcome in order to make this a success, beginning with our camera. Unity 3D camera controls mainly lend themselves to FPS-style games, but due to our use of gravity, we needed to revise the camera controls to work with a top down camera view. The actual audio itself, as well as the keys controlling them, took much finessing in order to work successfully.

We hope you have fun with our game. Be sure to try out all the features!