Skull Shrine: A 3D ‘Bullet Curtain’ Game

Tools I Used
Figma, Blender, Unity, C#, Visual Studio.

I developed Skull Shrine, a solo digital game project, for for Bullet Hell Jam 2021 within 2 days. Play as a cartoon witch and fight for victory against the evil Skull Shrine. To play the game, please download it from the game page on Alternatively, it can also be played in the browser.

Further Development

Later, I started working on a second level featuring a ghostly pumpkin lord. I plan on releasing this as an update along with other new levels and game features some time in the future.

Another digital game project I developed solo, in a 2D style:

Arena of the Mad King

Video and images of the Arena of the Mad King game. The process behind the project is coming soon!