What Would Twitter Look like in VR?

I imagine the “Twitterverse” to be a place where the user is surrounded by a large, stylized virtual forest. Navigating through the Twitterverse would transport the user to different locations throughout the forest. The user is greeted by an elegant splash screen with choices to either log in or create a new account.

The feed of Tweets surrounds the user horizontally, making it easy to scroll and view different posts. The user profile is displayed as a 3D icon, which could potentially be a 3D scan, model, or holographic image. Sending out a Tweet would involve the action of choosing different files (such as images, videos, 3D models, etc.) out of their file system (visualized as a 3D box) and typing a short message using the keyboard in front of them.

The user can expand and focus on a post or article by dragging the corners, and read an article by vertically scrolling, or watch a 360 video by standing still. Pressing a icon makes it easy to navigate between Home, Moments, Notifications, and Messages.