What Would Twitter Look like in VR?

TwitterverseVR Home screen.

I imagine the “Twitterverse” to be a place where the user is surrounded by a large, stylized virtual forest. Navigating through the Twitterverse would transport the user to different locations throughout the forest. The user is greeted by an elegant splash screen with choices to either log in or create a new account. The feed … READ MORE

Importing MasterpieceVR Meshes Into Unity3D

I found MasterpieceVR’s user interface to be very intuitive. I was surprised with how easy and quick it is to prototype organic forms. I originally tried to export a model (with colour added to the model) as .OBJ format with the intention of importing it into the Unity3D game engine. Upon exporting it, I noticed … READ MORE

The Strange and the Beautiful

This series of illustrations explores the concept of universal beauty and timelessness found within the realm of geometric forms and impossible figures. Computer-generated visual components are explored in the work. The result of this process is a captivating visual experience. In print form, the abstract figures draw you into another world from another time.

Window House

Collaborators Natalie Le HuenenErika Davis Ziyi Wang Project Description Window House is an interactive digital world where viewers explore surreal fictional environments. Our aim was to create something that’s timeless and can be experienced universally. Free of any form of language, all interactions involve visual and auditory symbols. From there, viewers are encouraged to create … READ MORE


About Moodflowers is a piece which explores the concept of the day and night cycle. The flowers react to the presence or absence of light in their surroundings, ‘waking up’ when there is sufficient light present, and ‘hibernating’ under dimmer lighting conditions. The colours used (yellow and blue) reflect the celestial bodies (the sun and … READ MORE