Vessels of the Stars

Window House is an interactive digital world where viewers explore surreal fictional environments. Our aim was to create something that’s timeless and can be experienced universally. Free of any form of language, all interactions involve visual and auditory symbols.

Transistor Museum: An Interactive Educational Tool

transistor museum

Our goal was to create a digital interactive activity for all ages and skill levels to participate in. The Transistor Museum is a simplified, web-based and downloadable 3D educational game. The user can navigate between different virtual artifacts and uncover the history behind every scientific breakthrough in transistor history.

What Would Twitter Look like in VR?

TwitterverseVR Home screen.

I imagine the “Twitterverse” to be a place where the user is surrounded by a large, stylized virtual forest. Navigating through the Twitterverse would transport the user to different locations throughout the forest. The user is greeted by an elegant splash screen with choices to either log in or create a new account. The feed … READ MORE

Manor Wrecker

TeamNatalie L., Josh P., Grace D., Christopher V., Sydney P., Paul L., Vivian F., and Pandy M. My RolesInteraction Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing, and Technical Art. Tools I UsedUnity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Too rich for your own good, a malicious trickster has decided to teach you a lesson about material goods in … READ MORE

Importing MasterpieceVR Meshes Into Unity3D

I found MasterpieceVR’s user interface to be very intuitive. I was surprised with how easy and quick it is to prototype organic forms. I originally tried to export a model (with colour added to the model) as .OBJ format with the intention of importing it into the Unity3D game engine. Upon exporting it, I noticed … READ MORE

Augmented Reality Heart

Contributors:Natalie Le Huenen, Ziyi Wang, Mika Hirata, Sarah Parent In this 5-day project, we were interested in learning more about how augmented reality can be incorporated into education. It’s already being used as a tool for storytelling so we wanted to see how this could be transferred to studying. Thinking back on our days studying … READ MORE

Meteorite Landings

My roles: Data Visualization, Web Development Tools I used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tableau, Adobe Illustrator For this solo personal project, I was inspired by different map projections. I wanted to take a look at a form of earth-space data and display it without the projection being warped. The end goal was to create a ‘globe’ … READ MORE