FamliNet: Motion Graphics

I created several motion graphics for FamliNet using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. These animations were utilized on FamliNet’s website and social media in 2020.

Vegas Infinite Onboarding & VR Tutorial

With the expansion to new platforms such as PlayStation VR2, PC, and Mobile, came a need to introduce a system for player accounts: creating, logging in, and switching. I worked on UI design and front end development for this system, translating the Figma designs to WPF (XAML) code. I also designed and animated the 3D components for the onboarding tutorial.


SpatialFlow is an experimental 3D interaction design project addressing today’s challenges in screen-based, collaborative and remote workflows.

Transistor Museum

Our goal was to create a digital interactive activity for all ages and skill levels to participate in. The Transistor Museum is a simplified, web-based and downloadable 3D educational game. The user can navigate between different virtual artifacts and uncover the history behind every scientific breakthrough in transistor history.

Vegas Infinite Smart Mirror UI

My RoleUI/UX Design Tools I UsedFigma, Illustrator The Dressing Room is a location in the Player Suite where the player loads into the game. From here, they can join games and host private games by inviting friends. Before we developed the Dressing Room, the only way that the player was able to customize their appearance … Read More

Vegas Infinite UI Revamp

My RolesUI Design, Front End Development Tools I UsedFigma, Adobe Illustrator, Unity, XAML (WPF), Git Overview I worked on revamping the the watch interface, the primary UI used between games and features. This involved designing the new UI, and implementing it in Unity via XAML (WPF) and C# code. The UI needed to be revamped … Read More

Vessels of the Stars

Vessels of the Stars is an interactive digital world where viewers explore surreal fictional environments. I worked on several aspects to bring Vessels of the Stars to life: the project itself, and the website. Project Development The process of developing Vessels of the Stars in Unity and Visual Studio. Website Designing and publishing the website.

Critter Sauga

Created for Mississauga’s Smart City Initiative, Critter Sauga is an Augmented Reality (AR) interactive installation featuring life-sized, abstract sculptures of wild animals in Mississauga, constructed out of waste and recyclables.

Itch.io Project Websites

Itch.io is a platform for the hosting and distribution of independent digital games. Although digital games are the most common form of media distributed, other types of projects can also be found. I designed and created pages for digital projects I have published.

Vessels of the Stars Website

My RolesWeb Design, Graphic Design, Illustration Tools I UsedFigma, itch.io Overview Vessels of the Stars is an interactive digital world developed in the Unity engine. It is an exploratory, meditative surreal environment. It is downloadable and can be experienced on Mac and PC. However, this project needed an online presence in the form of a … Read More