Vessels of the Stars Development

Vessels of the Stars is an interactive digital world where viewers explore surreal fictional environments. Our aim was to create something that’s timeless and can be experienced universally. Free of any form of language, all interactions involve visual and auditory symbols.

Transistor Museum

Our goal was to create a digital interactive activity for all ages and skill levels to participate in. The Transistor Museum is a simplified, web-based and downloadable 3D educational game. The user can navigate between different virtual artifacts and uncover the history behind every scientific breakthrough in transistor history.


My Role Branding, UX / UI Design for both the product website and app. About the Project Staying connected by maintaining meaningful relationships and acquiring information that supports daily activities are leading determinants of quality-of-life and health for older adults. Common online communication channels are often too complicated for some users, especially those who have … Read More

Kanopy image.


Kanopy is a contemplative space located in the heart of Toronto. Kanopy is securely binded by fasteners and a metal frame. With  a waterproof membrane, and acrylic finish, Kanopy provides protection against the elements, all season. By using mirrors as the exterior material, Kanopy chooses to be hidden, extending the nature around it. Kanopy provides … Read More


UrbaNatur is a 360° video experience allowing viewers to explore the contrast between natural and urban environments in downtown Toronto using holographic animations and ambisonic audio.

Press Any Key

Press Any Key Our concept for a game engine subversion was to use Unity to create a virtual and animated keyboard. Instead of using Unity to create your typical gameplay, we focused on creating a sandbox experience that largely revolves around playing music with your keyboard and mouse. There were many obstacles that we needed … Read More

Importing MasterpieceVR Meshes Into Unity3D

I found MasterpieceVR’s user interface to be very intuitive. I was surprised with how easy and quick it is to prototype organic forms. I originally tried to export a model (with colour added to the model) as .OBJ format with the intention of importing it into the Unity3D game engine. Upon exporting it, I noticed … Read More